Comprehensive Care for Every Need

Domicilliary Care

Personalized Support for Independence

TANS Healthcare Services provides comprehensive domiciliary care tailored to the diverse needs of our clients. Whether it’s older individuals, adults facing challenges due to disabilities or behavioral issues, or young people grappling with mental health concerns, our goal is to enable them to continue living comfortably in their own homes and communities. Our care approach is centered around promoting excellence and upholding the fundamental principles of quality care. We strive to maintain and enhance the well-being and independence of our clients through careful evaluation and consistent high standards of care.


Source, Train & Supply

From a trained pool of experienced care givers, we support agencies and NHS trusts to ensure that all their clients are catered for at all times. Simply put as “Source, Train & Supply”

what we offer

Transforming Lives with Care and Compassion

Our services are provided by key personnel and include a wide range of support options:

  • Live-in Care: Continuous, in-home care for ongoing support.
  • Escort Services: Accompaniment for appointments or social activities.
  • Night Care Support: Assistance and supervision throughout the night.
  • Personal Care: Including bathing, washing, dressing, continence management, and medication supervision.
  • Toilet and Continence Requirements: Respectful assistance with personal hygiene needs.
  • Medication and Health Support: Oversight and help with medication and other health-related activities.
  • Manual Handling: Assistance with mobility and physical support.
  • Nutritional Care: Help with eating, meal preparation, and dietary needs.
  • Personal Possessions and Document Handling: Management and organization of personal items and paperwork.
  • Domestic Assistance: Including shopping, cleaning, and food preparation.